Adriana Partal

Adriana maintains a comprehensive database of research partnerships across Europe, the funding opportunities available as well as trends in European research priorities.

Adriana ensures researchers at RMIT are connected with these opportunities through regular news updates and events.

She holds a Bachelor of Humanities from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain, which included a final year of study at Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena in Germany. Adriana is also an alumnus of Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Spain, where she completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Direction and Management of Cultural Institutions.

Adriana’s career has covered roles in the arts and media industries with a specialisation in research on cultural policies. She previously worked for the EU in Germany, Goethe Universitat Frankfurt, and RMIT in Australia with the Cultural Development Network, in collaboration with the Global Cities Research Institute.

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