Associate Professor Wendy Steele

Wendy is an ARC DECRA Fellow (2013–2015) whose research is focused on the nexus between cities, sustainability, urban governance, urban equity/security and critical infrastructure.

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Urban planning, Policy and governance, Urban security and justice (climate, food, water, energy, housing).

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Enabling social innovation for local climate adaptability

This research critically investigates tensions and potentialities between risk-based assessments by local governance agencies and innovations by local groups and NGOs.

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What’s critical about critical infrastructure?

This is the first article in our series Making Cities Work. It considers the problems of providing critical infrastructure and how we might produce the innovations and reforms needed to meet 21st-century needs and challenges.

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Global Forum for Urban and Regional Resilience

Lauren Rickards, co-leader of the Climate Change and Resilience (CCR) research program, and Raven Cretney, PhD student, represented the CUR at a recent workshop at the Global Forum for Urban and Regional Resilience (GFURR) at Virginia Tech, in Arlington, Virginia.

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Cities in the sky: how do we decide where this urban journey is taking us?

We shape the city and it shapes us. The idea of “the city” looms large. There are, it seems, no limits to the prospects and possibilities of technology and human entrepreneurship.

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How urban planners are creating cities for the future

Well-planned cities can encourage people to spend more time outside, commute more sustainably and connect with their communities. Good planning is central to making cities liveable and sustainable.

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Critical Urban Infrastructure

The paper raises questions about how contextual frames reproduce certain rationalities and motivations, over other frames that might inspire more just and ecologically centered responses.

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Keywords in planning: what do we mean by ‘community resilience’?

This paper offers a framework for ensuring that these important considerations are openly negotiated within transparent normative frameworks of planning policy and practice.

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Interstitial space and everyday housing practices

Steele, W and Keys, C 2015, '(In Press) Interstitial space and everyday housing practices', Housing, Theory and Society, pp. 1-14.

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Urban climate justice: creating sustainable pathways for humans and other species.

Steele, W, Mata, L and Fuenfgeld, H 2015, 'Urban climate justice: creating sustainable pathways for humans and other species', Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, vol. 14, pp. 121-126.

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