Casey Furlong

Casey’s current research at CUR relates to scoping the role of water utilities in urban greening and cooling.

Casey has an interest in a variety of aspects relating to the functioning of urban water utilities. In 2016 he completed a PhD investigating the implementation of Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) in Melbourne, and has since begun a Melbourne Water funded post-doc investigating and clarifying the role of water utilities in urban greening and cooling. Throughout these efforts Casey focuses on using detailed case studies in order to develop an understanding of how planning processes actually work in practice, and producing realistic and practical recommendations for practitioners.

Casey first became involved in urban water management through two years of internship at Melbourne Water between the years 2011 and 2013 in the Network Planning, Drinking Water Quality Planning, and Integrated Water Strategy teams. Following on from this experience, he identified a number of knowledge and process gaps relating to IUWM which warranted academic investigation.

In 2013 Casey began his PhD in the engineering department of RMIT University, and proceeded to investigate the implementation of IUWM within Melbourne. This thesis was completed by publication with the journal papers on the topics of: (1) the international origins of IUWM, (2) water governance structures within Melbourne, (3) industry perspectives on the meaning and functions of IUWM, (4) water infrastructure planning frameworks, (5) planning scales and approval processes for IUWM infrastructure projects, (6) risk management and financial evaluation of IUWM projects, and (7) assessment of overarching IUWM strategy processes.

In 2016 Casey returned to work at Melbourne Water within the Water Services Planning and Water Innovation teams. During this time an opportunity presented itself for Melbourne Water to provide funding for a two year post-doc project within RMIT’s Centre for Urban Research.

Casey’s current research at CUR relates to scoping the role of water utilities in urban greening and cooling. As part of this research Casey will be investigating what water utilities can do to provide additional trees in new and existing suburbs, and developing theories around decision making frameworks for investment in liveability projects such as the naturalising of concreted drains back into urban streams.


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