Dr Hyungmin Kim

Dr Hyung Min Kim is a Lecturer in Sustainability and Urban Planning with RMIT's School of Global, Urban and Social Studies.

Hyung Min’s research interests lie in the following areas:

Globalisation and global cities

Due to the advancement in transport and communication technologies, flows of people, capital, products and information have brought fundamental restructuring to cities and regions. Hyung Min’s research focuses on how global cities have been formed and what elements play a key role within and between global cities. Topics in this area include Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), international migration, Global Property Investment (GPI), and their impacts on cities. Globalising Chinese cities are also one of his focal areas.

Urban and environmental economics

Hyung Min’s research interest is directed on the analysis of location of economic activities, residential location/tenure choice and environmental impacts of urbanisation. He is attentive to new trends in urban transformation such as producer services, FDI and high technology for urban development (e.g. smart city making). Statistical methods (using statistical programs such as SAS and SPSS) and spatial analysis (using ArcGIS) have been used for his research.


Urban amenity matters in post-industrial cities. Although living conditions are important, scant academic attention has been paid to ‘how to create liveable places’ possibly due to different perceptions and a very wide scope of ‘liveability’. Hyung Min is interested in critical elements to liveability such as walkability and safety in cities.

Asia-Pacific regions

Hyung Min previously lectured in Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China, and he was also a research fellow on the Korea Appraisal Board. He earned his PhD in Urban Planning from the University of Melbourne in 2013, supported by the Endeavour Postgraduate Awards, a competitive Australian government scholarship. With a master’s degree in Urban Planning from Seoul National University and a bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from Han Yang University, Hyung Min was a winner of ‘the Best Research Paper Award in 2010’ awarded by the Korea Research Institute of Human Settlements (2009). His research interest lies in the economic and spatial-economic dynamics of the Asia-Pacific cities.

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