Associate Professor Joe Hurley

Dr Joe Hurley is a Senior Lecturer with the Sustainability and Urban Planning program in RMIT's School of Global, Urban and Social Studies and is a member of the Centre for Urban Research.

Joe’s research focuses on the policy dimensions of cities, examining issues of efficiency, equity and sustainability. Recent research topics include planning systems performance, historical urban analysis, urban sustainability performance assessment and research-practice exchange.

In 2013, he received the RMIT School of Global, Urban and Social Studies Early Career Research Excellence Award.

Joe is the Program Manager for the Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (Honours), and the Deputy Leader of the Urban Systems theme of the federally funded Clean Air and Urban Landscapes research hub.

He currently teaches HUSO2165 Urban Planning Research and research thesis courses ARCH1403 Planning Thesis 1/ARCH1404 Planning Thesis 2.

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Planning Systems, Strategic Urban Planning, Planning Research-Practice Exchange, Urban History, Housing Supply and Affordability, Sustainable Cities, Sustainability Performance Assessment.

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