Dr Karyn Bosomworth

Karyn is a Vice Chancellor's Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Urban Research. She co-convenes CUR’s Climate Change and Resilience Group with Dr Lauren Rickards.

Karyn’s research focuses on the social-institutional dimensions of governance for transformative adaptation in theory and practice.

Working with various government agencies on climate change adaptation challenges, she is interested in the role of politics, cultures and norms in adaptive management and adaptive governance, and thereby our ability to transform towards social-ecological sustainability.

Her work explores these issues through the application of various planning approaches and tools in planning for climate change adaptation in public policy.

Before moving to academia, Karyn worked for many years in policy-relevant research and analysis within the government sector. Consequently she has a particular interest and involvement in the “science-policy interface” in theory and practice.

Karyn collaborates with natural resource managers, disaster managers, and more generally with local and State governments in their adaptation planning. Of current interest are the concepts and approaches known as adaptation pathways planning and sustainability transitions management.

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