Dr Larissa Nicholls

Larissa Nicholls is a Research Fellow in the Beyond Behaviour Change research program at the Centre for Urban Research.

Larissa uses both qualitative and quantitative research methods to understand practices which involves resource consumption and/or health and wellbeing outcomes.

Larissa’s research aims to identify pathways to more sustainable, healthy and equitable practices – including how policy and organisations can support these transitions. Her research is informed by a broad background including energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives, teaching and training, community development and medical research.

Her research interests include:

  • Energy consumption and impacts of technologies on household life
  • Urban planning, design and health outcomes
  • Energy demand, pricing, programs and policy
  • Equity and access to energy efficient, healthy housing
  • Heatwave vulnerability and preparedness
  • Role of community in urban and regional life
  • Food practices, food security and food safety

Larissa was awarded the Peter Harrison Memorial Prize at the 2015 State of Australian Cities Conference for a distinctive contribution to knowledge and capacity for the sustainable development of Australian Cities and Regions (with co-authors Kath Phelan & Cecily Maller).

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