Dr Peta Malins

Dr Peta Malins is a lecturer in Justice and Legal Studies, and program manager of the Bachelor of Legal and Dispute Studies (LADS). She teaches a range of courses including Sociology of Law, Deviance, Control & Conflict and Critical Readings in Justice and Criminology.

Peta has previously worked as a project and policy officer for the City of Melbourne’s City Safety team, an outreach harm reduction worker for Melbourne’s inner city needle and syringe program (Youth Projects’ Foot Patrol NSP), and as a research assistant for the Australian Research Centre for Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS).

Peta is a critical, poststructural researcher whose work focuses primarily on the unintended effects and affects (or ethico-aesthetics) of various licit and illicit drug policies and interventions, with a particular focus on policing practices, representations of drugs, and the relationships between urban space and harm. Other research interests include graffiti and street art, animal ethics, gender and sexual diversity, queer politics, activism, surveillance and urban spatial justice.

Currently Peta is working on projects regarding police use of drug detection dogs, school drug education, overdose memorials, and stencil art.

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Drug use, drug policies, drug-detection dogs, drug checking/pill-testing, needle and syringe programs, supervised injecting facilities, peer education, harm reduction, overdose memorials, policing practices in relation to drug use, roadside drug testing, and drug education.

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