Mittul Vahanvati

Mittul Vahanvati has over ten years of professional experience in the field of sustainability, architecture, teaching and research.

Her area of expertise is in ecologically sustainable design and material selection, disaster resilient cities and communities and experiential learning. She has worked on varied projects such as residences, multi-residential apartments, office block, and innovative landscape for blind girls, interior design and product designs. She is particularly interested in bamboo as a sustainable construction material and co-production model to realise a structure. She has worked in rural and urban settings projects in India, Switzerland and Australia.

Mittul is a co-founder of a social-enterprise ‘GIANT GRASS’, which specializes in value-addition of bamboo by means of design. She loves bamboo as it is highly due to bamboo’s sustainable properties. She has designed, constructed and conducted hands-on workshops using bamboo as a primary source of material in tribal villages of India and among university students and local communities in Australia.

In the academic field, Mittul is currently pursuing a PhD at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) under the supervision of Dr Martin Mulligan and Dr Beau Beza. She has over nine years of experience teaching various courses around architecture, construction, design, sustainability and community. Currently she is course-coordinator for the postgraduate course Urbanisation Issues in the Developing World.

Associate Prof. Martin Mulligan
Dr. Beau Beza

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