Mr Ian Woodcock

Ian is an architect and urban designer with over 30 years experience encompassing practice, research and teaching, across government, private and community sector settings.

His research focuses on urban change, sense of place, and the use of design as a research method.

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The Benefits of Elevated Rail: Lessons from the graduate design studio “Rail UP!”

The Victorian state government has committed to removing 50 level crossings in two terms of office: a faster rate of removal than in any other period in the history of railways in Melbourne.

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Transurban’s West Gate tollway is a road into uncharted territory

Like the controversial East West Link, this project has no electoral mandate, and was rushed through the formal planning processes. It’s also part of a trend seen in other Australian states for projects to be announced before alternative planning options are considered.

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New report raises serious concerns about West Gate Tunnel

The West Gate Tunnel Project could worsen Melbourne’s traffic congestion, increase car dependency and should be rolled back, according to a new report from six leading planning academics.

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Airport rail link can open up new possibilities for the rest of Melbourne

Melburnians have been talking about a train to Tullamarine Airport since well before it opened. Now Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has made clear his enthusiasm for an airport rail line, with or without state government support.

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Student designs on the right track for future rail crossing removals

A collaborative research project between RMIT University and the University of Melbourne explores new ways to improve the integration of public transport and urban design in Melbourne.

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Victoria needs a big-picture transport plan that isn’t about winners vs losers

There has been no shortage of ideas about how to spend the A$9.7 billion the Victorian government will receive from selling a 50-year lease for the Port of Melbourne.

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Looking upwards for transport solutions

Level crossing removals should be part of a total picture for an effective transport system and “skytrains” are the best way to do this, according to RMIT and Melbourne University researchers.

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Raising expectations for Melbourne’s railways

Improved public transport has long been a high priority among Victorian voters however; the recent announcement of the $1.6 billion project to remove nine level crossings between Caulfield and Dandenong has not been met with the expected enthusiasm.

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The ‘sky rail’ saga: can big new transport projects ever run smoothly?

Tensions are rising in Melbourne over plans to use elevated rail to remove suburban level crossings.

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West Gate Tunnel: Another Case of Tunnel Vision?

Mr Ian Woodcock, Sophie Sturup, John Stone, Nathan Pittman, Crystal Legacy, Professor Jago Dodson

This report examines our deep concerns with planning and governance for the proposed West Gate Tunnel Project (WGTP) and, by extension, with the wider context for transport planning in Victoria.

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Level crossing removals: learning from Melbourne’s experience

This project continues research into better land use and public transport integration, using historical legacies of level crossing removals in Melbourne, international precedents and design research.

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