The Resilient Urban Systems project aimed to assess the capacity of community-level urban energy and water systems to support long term adaptation to climate change.

  • Project dates: 2010
  • Grants and funding: Victorian Centre Climate Change for Adaptation Research (VCCCAR)

This research considers the ways in which stakeholders interact with community-scale energy and water infrastructure systems, and the implications for improving infrastructure resilience to climate change. The preliminary findings presented in this brief are based on a literature review, two (on-going) case study investigations and an online survey, conducted in early 2010, targeted at climate change and alternative technology interest groups in Victoria

This project was conducted in partnership with the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab (VEIL) at Melbourne University.


Key People

Lead researchers

Dr Yolande Strengers

Dr Yolande Strengers

Co-Convener of Beyond Behaviour Change Program

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Professor Ralph Horne

Professor Ralph Horne

Deputy PVC, Research and Innovation

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