The Consumer Action Law Centre (CALC) engaged the Beyond Behaviour Change research team to interview householders who have been disconnected from their energy supply.

  • Project dates: 2015
  • Grants and funding: Consumer Action Law Centre (CALC)

From these interviews, the researchers aimed to develop case studies describing householders’ experiences, and quantifying the direct and indirect costs associated with disconnections.

There has been a dramatic increase in the numbers of Victorians who are at high risk of disconnection from their energy supply, or who have already been disconnected, because of an incapacity to pay. This trend is underpinned by rising energy prices, which are out of step with the lower rate of increase in government welfare payments. The Victorian Energy Minister commissioned a review of disconnections, and the case studies BBC produced formed part of CALC’s submission to that review.

Key People

Lead researchers

Dr Yolande Strengers

Dr Yolande Strengers

Co-Convener of Beyond Behaviour Change Program

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Dr Larissa Nicholls

Dr Larissa Nicholls

Research Fellow

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