Join us in RMIT’s Green Brain for the public launch of Sustainability Citizenship in Cities, edited by Ralph Horne, John Fien, Beau B. Beza and Anitra Nelson.

Urban sustainability citizenship situates citizens as social change agents with an ethical and self-interested stake in living sustainably with the rest of Earth. Such citizens not only engage in sustainable household practices but respect the importance of awareness raising, discussion and debates on sustainability policies for the common good and maintenance of Earth’s ecosystems.

Sustainability Citizenship in Cities seeks to explain how sustainability citizenship can manifest in urban built environments as both responsibilities and rights. Contributors elaborate on the concept of urban sustainability citizenship as a participatory work-in-progress with the aim of setting its practice firmly on the agenda. This collection will prompt practitioners and researchers to rethink contemporary mobilisations of urban citizens challenged by various environmental crises, such as climate change, in various socio-economic settings.

This book is a valuable resource for students, academics and professionals working in various disciplines and across a range of interdisciplinary fields, such as: urban environment and planning, citizenship as practice, environmental sociology, contemporary politics and governance, environmental philosophy, media and communications, and human geography.

Readings State Library will be selling paperback copies of the book.

Drinks and nibbles will be provided.


Professor Jago Dodson, RMIT Centre for Urban Research
Professor John Wiseman, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute



Storey Hall (Building 16) Rooms 7-8, Level 7, RMIT University, 336–348 Swanston St Melbourne


Friday 17 June, 5pm to 6pm