The RMIT Centre for Urban Research is pleased to invite you to the launch of Stephen Rowley’s new book: The Victorian Planning System: Practice, Problems and Prospects – the perfect introduction to the Victorian planning systems for new planners and the wider public who need to deal with the planning system.

The book is structured around exploration of a variety of urban policy challenges, including housing supply, activity centre planning, heritage and environmental issues. How does planning strategy in these areas translate into action? Too often, the way that the planning system achieves on-the-ground outcomes is glossed over.

This book aims to remedy that oversight by exploring the realities of policy implementation through regulatory design. In doing so, Rowley’s book offers a critique of the Victorian system, and suggests ways in which it could more effectively achieve visionary policy goals.

“Dr Stephen Rowley’s book demystifies the planning system in accessible language and with an engaging narrative. Students, practitioners and citizens consulting this volume will be duly empowered to make the most of a system, which, for all its foibles, remains a powerful force shaping our lives.”

– From the Foreword by Marcus Spiller

About the Author

Stephen Rowley is a RMIT lecturer in Urban Planning and practising planner, working as an independent consultant and Planning Editor of the Victorian Planning Reports. His research focus on planning systems, planning practice, regulatory design, and the cultural depiction of cities and towns. His book Movie Towns and Sitcom Suburbs: Building Hollywood’s Ideal Communities was published in 2015.



Image by edwardhblake via Flickr/CC BY 2.0


RMIT Swanston Academic Building (Building 80), Level 7 Function Space


17 March 2017