RMIT University’s Centre for Urban Research and Prosper Australia are pleased to invite you to Cameron Murray’s seminar, Clean Money in a Dirty System.

As read in The Guardian: Developers with strong political connections ‘44% more likely to win favourable decisions’. 

Seminar Brief

Using a unique regulatory event in Queensland, this seminar examines the predictive power of landowner relationship networks and lobbying behaviour on gaining value-enhancing rezoning. It compares characteristics of landowners of comparable sites inside and outside the rezoned areas, finding that ‘connected’ landowners owned 75% of land inside rezoned areas, and 12% outside, capturing $410 million in land value gains. Additionally, engaging a professional lobbyist is a substitute for having one’s own connections, while donations are not significant predictor of rezoning success.

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More About Cameron

Cameron Murray is a PhD candidate at The University of Queensland. He specialises in environmental economics, rent-seeking and corruption, and property markets. Previously Cameron worked in the Queensland government in a variety of roles, including water planning as economics liason for the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, and in the Queensland Competition Authority reviewing infrastructure charges and rail pricing.

He writes for MacroBusiness,, and maintains a renowned personal blog called Fresh Economic Thinking.


RMIT City Campus, Swanston Street, Building 80, Level 05, Room 012


Wednesday, 24 June, 12.30pm – 1.30pm