About this event

Climate change is beginning to disrupt and stress the work we all rely on. Regardless of sector or location, work type or skills, climate change is increasingly affecting our jobs. Far from limited to outdoor workers toiling in the sun, these impacts are being driven by the full range of climatic hazards and take the form of not just direct health impacts, but disrupted commutes, new workplace demands and, in some cases, industry-wide changes.

Yet, to date workers have not been central to conversations about how society needs to respond. Worker-centred adaptation is needed from the scale of government and industry through to organisations, teams and individuals, and across conventional boundaries.

Over the past year, RMIT University’s Climate Resilience Living Lab have collaborated with Friends of the Earth and six Victorian unions to survey workers from a wide range of industries and jobs, from hospitality workers and train drivers, to office workers and managers.

The report provides insights for workers, government, industry and unions on how climate change is increasingly threatening our collective capacity to work and what needs to be done.

Join us for the launch of the report to hear about:

• The results of the survey and findings and recommendations of the report

• Union organisers’ perspectives on how the union movement can drive stronger climate action

• Broader implications for workers, unions, and employers.


Online via Teams


13 September 2022