Urbanisation has a devastating impact on the natural environment, but Australia’s cities and their fringes are home to many threatened species and ecosystems, making cities important places for nature conservation.

The case for protecting and enhancing nature in cities is further strengthened by the remarkable range of human health and well being and climate mitigation benefits provided by urban nature.

In this interactive seminar, Associate Professor Sarah Bekessy, Dr Georgia Garrard and Dr Luis Mata of RMIT’s Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group will discuss the benefits provided by nature in cities and discuss innovative ways to enhance urban nature.

Associate Professor Sarah Bekessy
Sarah is a Future Fellow at RMIT University and the program coordinator for the Centre for Urban Research’s Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group. She will be speaking about the Benefits of enhancing nature cites.

Dr Georgia Garrard
Georgia is a Research Fellow at RMIT and a quantitative ecologist. She will be speaking about Biodiversity Sensitive Urban Design.

Dr Luis Mata
Luis is a Research Fellow and an ecologist with a keen interest in insects, conservation science and quantitative methods. He will be speaking about Rewilding and opportunities for community engagement.

Reimagining Fishermans Bend

Light refreshments will be provided.  Please send your RSVP to georgia.garrard@rmit.edu.au


Building 13, Level 2, Room 29, Emily McPherson Building, RMIT University


8 April 2016