The NUA commits UN member states to “promoting national, subnational and local housing policies that support the progressive realisation of the right to adequate housing for all”. This WUF 9 Networking Event offers an open floor discussion of housing within the NUA via priorities, progress and challenges faced by UN member states at the national level. As a networking event the format seeks to encourage active participation from attendees as observers and rapporteurs, whether in an official or independent capacity.

Country reports commenting on progress and challenges at individual country level will be invited from participants to comment on:

  1.  the current status of housing policy within their country
  2. progress being made since Habitat III, and 3) Key support and resourcing to improve national housing efforts

The event will open with comments from the Chair Jago Dodson, followed by a short presentation from Rapporteur Dave Adamson of Compass Housing. There will then be an open floor for reports and observations from or about member countries facilitated by the Chair. Given time constraints country reports will be limited to 5 minutes duration. The event will conclude with closing summary from Prof Adamson. The event will close within 20 minutes of its allowed schedule to allow participants to network via informal discussion.

Preliminary discussion about Housing and the NUA can be undertaken via the @HousingNUA Twitter account.

For specific country reports please add #CountryReport.

TO REGISTER TO PROVIDE A COUNTRY REPORT at the networking event please send a Tweet to the @HousingNUA Twitter account with #CountryReport.

There will also be the opportunity to register at the event itself. We hope to audio record the event to be available following WUF9. A written summary of the discussion will be distributed after the event. Participants will be invited to leave their contact details for post-event networking.

The @HousingNUA account will continue as a forum for discussion post-event.


11 February 2018