Dr Libby Porter, Centre for Urban Research

RMIT University’s Centre for Urban Research is pleased to invite you to Libby Porter’s seminar: Planning for Coexistence? The pitfalls and possibilities of Indigenous recognition through planning systems.

Seminar brief

What happens when Indigenous demands for recognition of coexisting political authority over territory intersect with land-use planning systems in settler states? Taking the complicity of planning in ongoing processes of Indigenous dispossession as a point of departure, this seminar will examine ‘what happens’ drawing on research in Canada and Australia to illuminate the tensions and contradictions of the politics of Indigenous recognition through planning systems.

More about Libby

Associate Professor Libby Porter is a planner and urban geographer, based at the Centre for Urban Research, RMIT University.  Libby’s work ranges across the recognition of Indigenous rights and title in planning, the displacement effects of urban regeneration, urban governance, and the politics of urban informality. She is author of many papers and books including Unlearning the Colonial Cultures of Planning (Ashgate 2010). Her forthcoming book Planning for Coexistence: Recognizing Indigenous rights through land use planning in Canada and Australia, (co-authored with Janice Barry) will be published with Ashgate next year.




Image by BRJ INC. via Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


RMIT City campus, Building 15, Level 3, Room 3 (Figtree Room)


Tuesday 29 September, 12.30pm-1:30pm