Although resilience is now a ubiquitous term, the ways in which it is being taken up in diverse contexts is necessarily varied. This begs the question: what does or could resilience in Melbourne mean?

What aspects of contemporary Melbourne, and its history and possible futures, are shaping how resilience is being or could be applied? What lessons about resilience could Melbourne offer the rest of the world?

In this panel and discussion, practitioners working on aspects of resilience in Melbourne combine with leading researchers to bring different conversations together explore the above questions and what “Resilience, Melbourne-style” is and could be.



Speakers include:

Dr Kevin Grove, Florida International University
Lauren Rickards, RMIT Centre for Urban Research
Maree Grenfell, 100 Resilient Cities
Bridget Tehan, VCOSS
Georgia Garrard, RMIT Centre for Urban Research

Image by Mohamed Shinaz


RMIT Building 80, Level 1, Room 2 (The Cinema)


Friday 24 June, 3pm to 4pm