Dr Julie Lawson – Honorary Associate Professor Centre for Urban Research.

RMIT University’s Centre for Urban Research is pleased to invite you to Julie Lawson’s seminar: The Future of Public Housing Under Federalism – International Experience.

Seminar brief

The Australian government is reshaping federal-state relations which govern many areas of social infrastructure funding and delivery, from health care to education and including public housing. International experience of public housing transformation is highly relevant given cross jurisdictional governance and funding of housing policy levers and responsibilities. This presentation, informed by an extensive literature and policy review, structured survey of national experts and in depth interviews with practitioners, will examine how the process of public housing transformation has taken place within other federal states: Canada, the United States, Austria and Germany and apply this knowledge to inform Australia’s own strategy under dynamic federalism. 

Read the full brief here.

More about Julie

Dr Julie Lawson is RMIT’s Honorary Association Professor with the Centre for Urban Research. Based in Europe, she creatively draws on ideas from geography, sociology, institutional and political economy, urban planning and finance and has played an important role in AHURI bringing together international multi-disciplinary research teams. She has led research focusing on a range of topics including urban transformation, systems of housing provision; federal-state relations; individual assistance, comparative tenure security, as well as mechanisms promoting long term investment in social and economic infrastructure


RMIT City campus, Building 80 (445 Swanston Street), Level 4, Room 22.


Friday 6 November, 12.30pm-1.30pm


Free entry, booking essential