PUBLIC SEMINAR: The Future of Social Housing: New directions in regulation, governance and policy

Despite a decade of minimal new investment, Australia’s social housing continues to evolve with changing state and federal policy settings and directions. Some states have been considering new ways to get better outcomes through more tenant-focused social housing governance and regulation. But, in a country where community housing is regulated under three separate frameworks, and where public housing has remained largely insulated from similar scrutiny, these shifts have not yet been considered from a national perspective. Understanding of current directions and policy changes can help inform debates about the wider development of the social housing sector within the context of continued concern about social housing conditions and services in contemporary Australia.

This panel discussion seminar aims to:

•Review current directions in social housing policy and regulation in Australia, including the Victorian Social Housing Regulation Review

•Consider how agencies and governments can better draw on tenant perspectives in the management and governance of social housing

•Assess major opportunities for innovation in the governance of social housing

•Position discussions about social housing management and governance within wider challenges and opportunities in the sector

Panel speakers

  • Dr Andrea Sharam – RMIT University
  • Dr David Kelly – RMIT University
  • Professor Hal Pawson – University of New South Wales
  • Associate Professor Selina Tually – Flinders University

Chair  Professor Jago Dodson – RMIT University, Melbourne.


Online, via Teams


Friday, 29 April 2022

10:00–11:30M (AEST)