The Victorian State Government has committed to a number of major infrastructure projects, but what’s the plan for Melbourne transport and how do these projects fit in?

Traditionally governments have relied on their departments for policy and professional advice, yet now we see them increasingly turn to organisations outside government for advice and the delivery of services.

The community is aware that issues can arise whereby vested interests and “commercial in confidence” clauses can block transparency. Therefore, a community voice that reflects the interests and needs of the broader community is vital.

So who will be advocating in the interest of Melbournians? If it is community advocacy groups, there will need to be strong agreement on what is required for a transport plan and the kind of outcomes, strategies and priorities for implementation we should be aiming for.

We invite you to have your voice heard and contribute to this discussion to improve community consensus on our city’s transport.


Professor Graham Currie – Chair of Public Transport and Director of Research (Transport Engineering), Monash University
Graham holds Australia’s first professorship in public transport based at the Institute of Transport Studies, researching and providing training in public transport planning.

Professor Jago Dodson – Professor of Urban Policy and Director of the RMIT Centre for Urban Research
Jago has an extensive record of research into transport, urban planning and urban governance problems, contributing frequently to scholarly and public debates on Australian cities.

Professor Michael Buxton – Professor of Environment and Planning, RMIT School of Global, Urban and Social Studies
Michael has contributed extensively to government policy and maintains strong industry and professional connections. He is frequently asked to comment and advise on urban issues nationally by Australian media.

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg – Climate Campaign Manager, Australian Conservation Foundation
Victoria leads community driven campaigns for government action on climate change and sustainable transport, which in 2012 earnt her a place in The Age Melbourne Magazine’s top 100 most influential, inspirational, and creative Victorians.

Professor Nicholas Low – Professor in Urban and Environmental Planning, University of Melbourne
Nicholas is a city planner and founder of Australasian Centre for Governance and Management of Urban Transport (GAMUT) at University of Melbourne and the author ofTransforming Urban Transport The Ethics, Politics and Practices of Sustainable Mobility

Image by Daniel Bowen via Flickr/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


RMIT Swanston Academic Building, Building 80, Level 4, Room 11 Melbourne, VIC 3000


4 August 2016