Wendy Steele and Lauren Rickards are pleased to invite you to a panel discussion to help mark the publication of their new book: The Sustainable Development Goals and Higher Education: A Transformative Agenda? In the book, Wendy and Lauren challenge the idea that universities need simply to help others address the SDGs, or that the SDGs are about just doing things sustainably from here on. Instead, universities need to be sites for the implementation of the SDGs, and implementation requires undoing unsustainable development not only “adding in” sustainable development initiatives, including within universities.

To discuss these challenges and hear from you, we have a stimulating panel of scholars thinking about the challenges that the urgent need for sustainable development poses to universities:

-Professor Diana Liverman, School of Geography, Development and Environment, University of Arizona

-Associate Professor Shirin Malek Pour, Monash Sustainable Development Institute, Monash University

-Dr Emma Shortis, EU Centre, RMIT University

-Professor Martyn Hook, Dean of Architecture, RMIT University

We would be very pleased if you can join us to share your critical ideas and reflections.

Date: Thursday 25th November 2021

Time: 11-12pm

Online: Microsoft teams

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25 November 2021