Urban Citizenship and Participation – is there a crisis? is the first symposium as part of the Urban Theory Symposium Series is the jointly funded initiative of the Urban Geography Study Group of the Institution of Australian Geographers and the Australian Cities Research Network.  The series will explore critical theoretical issues, conceptualisations and analytical tools emerging within urban studies, urban geography and urban planning scholarship. The series has two broad aims:

  1. To provide a critical space where a range of urban geographical and planning theory related questions can be interrogated and further developed
  2. To facilitate a debate about the politics of urban research, and questions of urban contest and transformation

In doing so, the series interrogates our scholarship and examines its impact on cities. The series will create an active and collegial platform to explore and critique emerging urban and planning theory, with a view to further activate and characterise planning and urban geographical scholarship in Australia.

The aspiration of the series is for each symposium to lead to a Special Issue of an elected national (or international) journal.

View the full itinerary here.

Image by m.a.r.c. via Flickr/CC BY-SA 4.0


Western Sydney University, Parramatta


28 & 29th April 2016


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