RMIT University’s Centre for Urban Research is pleased to invite you to Professor Michael Buxton’s seminar: When growth collides: Conflicts Between Urban Development and Airport Growth in Melbourne.

Seminar Brief

Airports are key sectors in national and state economies, and at Melbourne Airport, passenger numbers have doubled in 14 years and will double again by 2033.

Selection of the Tullamarine site in 1959 offered a location free from constraint yet close to city. But despite the concerns of the Commonwealth government and the airport corporation, the failure to enforce land use development restrictions has led to encroaching development threatening the airport’s curfew-free status and its contribution to Victoria’s economy.

Michael Buxton’s seminar details the impending conflicts between the growth and operation of Melbourne airport and emerging noise problems from new developments near the airports. It demonstrates the inadequacy of the planning regime and a failure to integrate and implement national, state and local economic and planning policy.

More about Michael

Michael Buxton is Professor Environment and Planning with the School of Global Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University. He has held senior positions in four Victorian planning and environmental agencies and has contributed extensively to national and state environmental and planning policy.


RMIT University City campus, Building 15, Level 3, Room 3 (Figtree Room)


Tuesday 21 July, 12:30pm – 1:30pm