Expert comment on Victoria’s zero emissions target

RMIT University’s Alan Pears AM is available to comment on the Victorian State Government’s plan to work towards a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

A Senior Industry Fellow at the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies and Associate for the RMIT Centre for Urban Research, Pears is one of Australia’s leading energy efficiency experts.

He has worked in the sustainable energy and environment fields for over 30 years and been an expert adviser to federal, state and local governments across Australia, as well as community groups and the private sector.

While working for the Victorian government in the 1980s, Pears helped develop and implement programs such as the Home Energy Advisory Service, public information and education, appliance energy labelling and mandatory building insulation regulations. He has maintained an active involvement in these areas.

“While the Victorian government’s commitment is welcome, it falls far short of what science and global responsibility requires, and what is economically feasible.

“A much more credible approach would be to commit to moving to zero net emissions by 2020, initially relying to a significant extent on – at present very cheap – international carbon permit purchases to meet the commitment.

“Over time, driving often profitable energy efficiency, renewable energy and other emission reduction and local sequestration actions would reduce reliance on international permits at negligible cost – Victoria would then be seen as a real leader on climate policy.”


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