Carl Higgs

Carl Higgs is a researcher in the Healthy Liveable Cities Lab of RMIT University's Centre for Urban Research, with an interdisciplinary background in cultural studies, spatial epidemiology, and computer science.

Methods and tools Carl has developed have supported calculation and dissemination of policy-relevant spatial urban indicators for cities in Australia and internationally using open data and an open science ethos. Through linkage studies and research translation, Carl’s research aims to empower community advocates, policy makers and planners with the evidence needed to address urban inequities for healthier, more sustainable cities.

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The average regional city resident lacks good access to two-thirds of community services, and liveability suffers

16 March 2020

The way our growing cities are planned and built is becoming ever more important in building healthy, liveable and sustainable communities.


A Pathway to Prioritizing and Delivering Healthy and Sustainable Cities

Dr Melanie Lowe, James F. Sallis, Deborah Salvo, Ester Cerin, Geoff Boeing, Carl Higgs, et al.

Journal of City Climate Policy and Economy

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A repeated cross-sectional and longitudinal study of mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19 lockdowns in Victoria, Australia

Annemarie Wright, Alysha De Livera, Keun Hee Lee, Carl Higgs, Matthew Nicholson, Lisa Gibbs, Anthony Jorm

BMC Public Health

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Measuring, monitoring and translating urban liveability in Bangkok: Final Research Report

Dr Amanda Alderton, Carl Higgs, Kornsupha Nitvimol, Professor Melanie Davern, Joana Correia, Iain Butterworth, Professor Hannah Badland

An international case study with implications for Australian cities

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Determining thresholds for spatial urban design and transport features that support walking to create healthy and sustainable cities: findings from the IPEN Adult study

Ester Cerin, James F Sallis, Deborah Salvo, Erica Hinckson, Terry L Conway, Neville Owen, Delfien van Dyck, Dr Melanie Lowe, Carl Higgs, et al.

Lancet Global Health Series

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City planning policies to support health and sustainability: an international comparison of policy indicators for 25 cities

Dr Melanie Lowe, Deepti Adlakha, James F Sallis, Deborah Salvo, Ester Cerin, Anne Vernez Moudon, Carl Higgs, et al.

The Lancet Global Health

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What next? Expanding our view of city planning and global health, and implementing and monitoring evidence-informed policy

Billie Giles-Corti, Anne Vernez Moudon, Dr Melanie Lowe, Ester Cerin, Geoff Boeing, Howard Frumkin, Deborah Salvo, Sarah Foster, Dr Alexandra Kleeman, Professor Sarah Bekessy, Thiago Hérick de Sá, Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, Carl Higgs, et al.

Lancet Global Health Series

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