Connor Jolley

Connor is a member of the Climate Change Transformations research program. His research interests are centred around the impacts of socio-ecological transformations on Australian workers.

The transition away from a fossil fuel dependent economy raises questions about the fundamental relationship between labour and nature, particularly the role of labour in producing social and economic spatial patterns of the Anthropocene. His work seeks to question how we understand and perform basic concepts of work, labour and jobs, as these will be determinant factors in the way socio-ecological transformations unfold, both here in Australia and around the world.

He is conducting an environmental labour geography of a number of regions in south east Australia that have either undergone or are at risk of an unplanned structural transition in response to socio-ecological pressures. The research explores how labour is positioned within transitions, at multiple scales, from the local to the global, and the ways in which workers are able to exercise agency in response. It will inform the growing policy discourse around Just Transitions and, more broadly, the future of work in relation to emergent socio-ecological transformations.


Associate Professor Lauren Rickards

Dr Susie Moloney