Dr Beatriz Pineda Revilla

Dr. Beatriz Pineda Revilla is a Research Fellow at RMIT Europe.

She is an architect/urban planner and an urban studies social scientist with over 15 years of experience in topics that range from food systems, food waste, energy, sustainable lifestyles, citizen participation, behavioural change, urban governance and social innovation. Her work combines different disciplines (sociology, psychology, human geography, experimental design) and methodologies ((digital) ethnographic action research) and covers overlapping scales, from the regional/urban/neighbourhood scale to the more intimate sphere of the household. In previous research, conducted between New York, Berlin and Amsterdam, Beatriz explored food-related practices in urban agriculture projects, the potentialities of practice-oriented food planning, examined the ritualization of household food practices and its impact on preventing food waste and addressed the role of urban communities in shaping social norms to achieve energy conscious lifestyles, among others. In her most current work, she is addressing citizen engagement and exploring the potentials of energy citizenship in developing PEDs (Positive Energy Districts) and investigating how PEB (Plus Energy Building) residents’ lived experiences and practices affect and influence the design of energy efficient PEB technologies.