Dr. Blanche Verlie

Blanche is a multidisciplinary social scientist whose research investigates how people understand, experience, and respond to climate change, and how we might do this differently and better.

Blanche draws on feminist and multispecies philosophy to consider the complex, diverse and intimate ways that climate changes manifests in contemporary life, and how this analysis could inform more just and ecological modes of living in, with, and as the world.

Her work focuses specifically on the ways climate change is felt, lived and imagined, such as the often visceral experiences of climate distress, and the unequal and unjust dimensions of this, as well as how this affective injustice can inspire regenerative forms of climate action.

This work spans the areas and disciplines of climate change education, communication and activism, community disaster resilience and adaptation, as well as environmental politics, cultural geography, and environmental humanities.

Her book ‘Learning to live-with climate change: From anxiety to transformation‘ is available as a free e-book.

Learn more about Blanche’s other research on her Google Scholar profile and videos, podcasts and more writing at her website.