Dr Brian Coffey

Dr Brian Coffey joined the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies in February 2015 as Lecturer in Sustainability and Urban Planning.

Prior to this, Brian held postdoctoral research fellowships in the Alfred Deakin Research Institute at Deakin University from 2010 to 2015.

His research interests centre on the policy and governance dimensions of sustainability and science-policy relations, and he has published in a variety of public policy and environmental policy, planning, and management journals.

Prior to completing his PhD, Brian worked in a variety of environmental policy and planning roles within the Victoria public service.

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Policy studies, Environmental policy, Governance, Interpretive policy analysis.

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What is ‘ecological economics’ and why do we need to talk about it?

As environmental crises and the urgency to create ecological sustainability escalate, so does the importance of ecological economics

Assessing the evolution of Victoria’s environment portfolio

A new report by Dr Brian Coffey contributes to a better understanding of Victoria’s environment portfolio, how it has evolved, and how it might be improved.

Enhancing Science Impact: Bridging Research, Policy and Practice for Sustainability

Sustainability challenges blur the boundaries between academic disciplines, between research, policy and practice, and between states, markets and society. There is also significant policy interest in ensuring that the research undertaken by universities and other scientific organisations has impact.

Why ‘green cities’ need to become a deeply lived experience

Enthusiasm for urban greening is at a high point, and rightly so. Green space is increasingly recognised as useful for moderating the heat island effect. Hence, this helps cities adapt to, and reduce the consequences of, climate change.


A guide to policy analysis as a research method

Jennifer Browne, Dr Brian Coffey, Kay Cook, Sarah Meiklejohn, Claire Palermo
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