Associate Professor Dhirendra Singh

Associate Professor Dhirendra Singh is a CSIRO-funded Principal Research Fellow (Associate Professor) in the Artificial Intelligence Discipline of the School of Computing Technologies.

He is an expert in agent-based modelling and simulation, cognitive modelling, and agent-oriented programming, and has several years of experience as Senior Software Engineer.

Dhirendra holds double undergraduate degrees in Computer Systems Engineering and Computer Science, and a PhD in Computer Science in Artificial Intelligence.

His work on the HOME: Life housing assessment tool that included a strong locational assessment component won the Planning Institute of Australia’s Australian Urban Design Award for Large Scale Policies, Programs and Concepts in 2015.

His spatial ongoing work on bushfire evacuation modelling for communities was shortlisted for the 2015 Fire Awareness Awards for Innovation.

In 2016, in collaboration with Melbourne Planning Authority, he worked on a detailed synthetic population for the north of Melbourne covering 30 suburbs, for understanding future housing mobility into 2050.