Dr Georgia Garrard

Georgia Gerrard is a Research Fellow with the Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group at RMIT. She is a quantitative ecologist and has worked on projects related to imperfect detectability and informative Bayesian priors in ecology.

She is currently working on a project investigating better planning for biodiversity in the urban fringe; one of four native grassland projects funded by The Myer Foundation. This project aims to address incompatibilities between native grassland conservation and urban development in Melbourne, by improving prospects for grassland conservation within housing developments, and investigating alternative urban development scenarios that mitigate impacts on existing grasslands.

Her research interests also include the use of science to inform environmental policy, adaptive management and structured decision making. More information on her past and current research activities, can be found on her research blog and the Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group website.

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Urban biodiversity, conservation, Planning and biodiversity in urban environments, Native grassland conservation, Adaptive management, Structured decision making, Quantitative and applied ecology.

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Lindall R.Kidd, Dr Georgia Garrard, Professor Sarah Bekessy, Morena Milla, Adrian Camilleri, Fiona Fidler, Kelly Fielding, Dr Ascelin Gordon, Emily Gregg, Dr Alex Kusmanoff, Winnifred Louis, Katie Moon, Jenny Robinson, Dr Matthew Selinske, Danielle Shanahan, Vanessa Adams
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