Dr Marietta Haffner

Dr Marietta Haffner (PhD) is an economist by origin with more than two decades' experience in conducting comparative housing studies, particularly in housing finance and policy.

An economist by origin, Marietta has more than two decades of experience in conducting European comparative studies that cover subjects in housing finance and economics, housing policy, taxation and affordability.

Marietta has undertaken projects with universities in Australia (within AHURI with RMIT University, Curtin University and Swinburne University of Technology), Belgium (within Steunpunt Wonen) and the UK (De Montfort University, Cambridge University). She has honorary research appointments at RMIT and at the University of Cambridge, UK.

As well as conducting research, Marietta is involved in various roles in scientific journals in the field of housing: Housing Studies (management board) and Journal of Housing and the Built Environment (international expert team). Presently, she is office coordinator of the European Network for Housing Research (ENHR) and editor of the ENHR-Newsletter.

Marietta is a senior researcher employed by Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, OTB – Research for the Built Environment in the Netherlands. She is also one of the core members of Delft – Comparative Housing research Expertise Centre (CHEC).

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