Jharana Bhattarai

Urban Climate governance challenges in cities

Jharana’ research project explores cities that are still struggling to know climate change is real or not.

National level authorities in these countries derive the adaptation plan and manage the adaptation finance. It is little known that how they coordinate to the different level of governing bodies and how they manage the challenges (urban policy, politics, knowledge, finance) to implement adaptation actions.

Adapting climate change is a choice not compulsion to the local urban actors (municipal government and other actors) which contradicts to the global as well as national level efforts of adaptation. Climatic risks are higher for those who are incapable of using essential services or of living in the poor quality of urban services.

Currently, most of the targeted climate adaptation actions in urban areas are spatial planning, an extension of the services, water utilities and the inclusion of the private sector.

The research  highlights on approaches used by urban governing actors in implementing adaptation actions, measures that are influenced and financed by various levels and actors and the updated scholarship of urban climate governance in cities around the world within the multileveled governing arrangement.

Research Interests:  Urban climate governance, global climate finance, multi-bilateral aid and climate change, sustainable urban planning, non-governmental actors, climate change adaptation, mitigation, global cities, city contributors, Natural resource management, climate friendly urban infrastructures, climate governance in global south, climate migration


Associate Professor Dr. Joe Hurley
Associate Professor Susie Maloney

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