Lisa de Kleyn

Lisa is exploring the emergence of environmental justice in Australia, including its use in activism, policy and research; and how it applies to native forest logging in Toolangi State Forest, Victoria.

Research interests and skills

  • Environmental justice
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Environmental policy
  • Environmental activism
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Feminist research

Industry experience

  • Sustainability strategies and policies
  • Environmental programs
  • Environmental communications
  • Stakeholder engagement


Associate Professor Anitra Nelson
Associate Professor Wendy Steele


Spark, C., Porter, L. and de Kleyn, L., (2018) ‘We’re not very good at soccer’: gender, space and competence in a Victorian primary school, Children’sGeographies, DOI: 10.1080/14733285.2018.1479513

Kennedy, A., de Kleyn, L. and Ryan, M., (2017), “Theories of environmental justice”, Environmental Justice and Land Use Conflict. The governance of mineral and gas resource development, Routledge-

Steele, W., de Kleyn, L. and Samson, K., (2016), “Post-Petroleum Urban Justice”, in Planning After Petroleum. Preparing Cities for the Age Beyond Oil, edited by Dodson, J., Sipe, N., and Nelson, A., Routledge

Awarded a Bill Borthwick Student Scholarship in 2016

Expert commentary on...

Environmental justice in Australia and its application to native forest logging.

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