Todd Denham

Todd's research looks at the relationship between regional-urban commuters and employment in regional areas.

Regional-urban commuters are likely to be more highly paid than people who work in regional areas, leading to an expectation that there will be a relationship between growth in regional-urban commuters and employment in retail trade and in population service industries.   If the change in employment is confined to these sectors, then it may be argued that regional-urban commuters are facilitating the suburbanisation of regional areas.  However, if regional-urban commuters have a propensity to change their place of work to regional areas, then they could be considered as providing more substantial changes to regional employment over time, strengthening and diversifying regional economies.

Research interests:

  • Commuting
  • Regional development
  • Mega-city regions


Professor Jago Dodson
Professor Robin Goodman
Dr Hyungmin Kim

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Todd Denham, Professor Jago Dodson, Dr Matthew Palm, Professor Carolyn Whitzman, Dr Cathryn Hamilton, Professor Jon Kellett, Dr Paul Maginn, Dr Kirsten Martinus
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