Scenario use and principles for embedding climate change into decision-making.

  • Project dates: 2020

Victoria’s Climate Change Act (2017) requires seven systems to develop Adaptation Action Plans (AAPs). The Water Cycle System is one of those systems and one of three to develop a pilot AAP that sets out several Actions.

Action 12 in the Pilot Water Sector Adaptation Action Plan is to:

Review the use of climate change scenarios in water sector planning.

The Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning through the Victorian Water and Climate Initiative funded research with the Exchange to deliver against this action.

Throughout 2020, the Exchange researchers conducted a survey and a series of semi-structured interviews with the sector to understand:

  • the different ways in which scenarios are utilised to inform adaptation planning.
  • some of the challenges in applying scenarios for robust and flexible decision-making.
  • subsequent principles for the application and use of scenarios for climate change adaptation planning.

Key People

Lead researchers

Dr Karyn Bosomworth

Dr Karyn Bosomworth

Convener of Climate Change Transformations

Katrina Dunn

Katrina Dunn

Project Coordinator

Climate change adaptation planning in Victoria’s Water Sector

Naomi Rubenstein


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