Climate Resilient Service Delivery aims to explore the use of scenarios planning as a tool for climate change adaptation decision making, with a particular emphasis on the local provision of community services to heat vulnerable populations.

  • Project dates: 2020

Project background
The project will be delivered in partnership with the Western Alliance for Greenhouse Action (WAGA), The Climate Change Exchange, and a number of councils in Greater Melbourne.
Climate Resilient Service Delivery is funded and supported by the Victorian Government’s ‘Supporting Our Regions to Adapt’ strategy for the Greater Melbourne region.

Project aims

  • Build capacity for participants to consider the implications of climate change for a broad range of drivers for their area of service delivery.
  • Consider compound, coinciding, and ongoing risks (for example, how summer heat, bushfire smoke haze and a pandemic might interact, or how a power outage might function as a business continuity risk for community support services).
  • Provide a platform to generate imaginative ideas and responses to the challenges facing service providers and local communities across Greater Melbourne.

Project outputs

  • A set of scenarios for participating councils to use and integrate into their own internal planning processes.
  • The key learnings from Climate Resilient Service Delivery will contribute to the Greater Melbourne Regional Adaptation Strategy.
  • A brief with key recommendations for climate change adaptation consideration for key service areas.

Key People

Associate Director & Deputies

Katrina Dunn

Katrina Dunn

Project Coordinator

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