Reflecting the ethical turn in consumption, meat promoted and labeled as ethical, humane and/or sustainable has emerged as an apparent solution to increasing concerns.

  • Project dates: 2014–2017

These include the environmental, health and animal welfare impacts of factory-farmed meat.

In this PhD research, Paula is using discourse analysis and interviews/observations with producers and consumers of this meat to explore how it is constructed as being ethical and sustainable and how it interacts with existing meat practices. The research will provide insights into the likely implications of ethical and sustainable meat in terms of addressing the impacts of the system that it claims to challenge.

Key People

Lead researchers

Constructions and practices of ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ meat: implications for meat consumption and the treatment of animals

Tania Lewis

Deputy Dean, Research and Innovation

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Professor Cecily Maller

Professor Cecily Maller

Co-Convener of People and Environment Program

Dr Yolande Strengers

Dr Yolande Strengers

Co-Convener of Beyond Behaviour Change Program