As large scale participants in food provisioning and consumption practices, academic institutions like universities have a crucial part to play in food sustainability transitions

  • Project dates: 2016–2019

As a part of the RMIT Sustainable Urban Precincts Project (SUPP) this PhD project is investigating how the eating practices of the students are shaped by the spaces provided by the university and how they may be steered towards more sustainable directions. Using ethnographic and visual methods, the study uses the formal and informal spaces of food consumption and provisioning in and around RMIT’s city campus as key focal points.

The study aims to determine if sustainability transitions and interventions can be designed using the knowledge of how practices of food provisioning and consumption in these spaces interact with or intervene in the eating practices of students.

Key People

Lead researchers

Dr Yolande Strengers

Dr Yolande Strengers

Co-Convener of Beyond Behaviour Change Program

Dr Bhavna Middha

Dr Bhavna Middha

Research Fellow

Embedding sustainability in food practices: Investigating spaces of food provisioning and consumption for students at RMIT city campus

Tania Lewis

Deputy Dean, Research and Innovation

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