People and Place at Minta is a longitudinal study exploring the long-term impacts of place-making and innovation initiatives at Stockland’s Minta Farm estate on residents’ sense of wellbeing and active connections to place.

  • Project dates: 2020 (ongoing)

Project Background

This project aims to determine the long-term impacts of place-making and innovation initiatives at Stockland’s Minta Farm estate on residents’ sense of wellbeing, belonging, and active connections to place.

Minta Farm is a Stockland Innovation Project with several innovation initiatives to be trialled within the estate, such as smart technologies and renewable resources, improvements to water and conservation management, place-making activities and associated infrastructure, community education programs, a bespoke Owners Corporation, a community app, and an inter-connected transport and pedestrian network. 

Residential development at Minta Farm commenced in May 2019 with the first residents moving in from the end of 2020. The project will analyse residents’ experiences with the innovation initiatives over 5 years to understand the impact on their sense of wellbeing and community as well as travel behaviour and preferences.

Research Scope

The study explores the following questions:

  • How do residents’ perceptions of their wellbeing and access to services and amenities change on moving to and living at Minta Farm?
  • How do residents’ travel practices (walking, cycling, driving or using public transport) and physical activity levels change on moving to and living at Minta Farm?
  • What is the uptake of each of the place-making and innovation initiatives?
  • What are residents’ attitudes and preferences towards each of the place-making and innovation initiatives, and their likely take-up of initiatives not yet introduced?
  • How does residents’ sense of community, interactions with neighbours, and community participation change by moving to and living at Minta?
  • How does the Owners Corporation impact residents’ social interaction and community participation?

An annual liveability survey that is conducted by Stockland is adapted in collaboration with Stockland to add questions relevant to the place-making and innovation initiatives. The survey data will be analysed annually with comparisons made over time. 

Outcomes and Impact

The long-term goal of this research project is to determine the impact of Minta Farm innovation initiatives on residents’ lived experiences, transport choices as well as their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

This project provides an opportunity for research partnerships and knowledge translation to develop practical benchmarks for policymakers, indicating residents’ perceptions of liveability, travel behaviour and social engagement.

Establishment of liveable, walkable and socially connected communities where space can encourage active transport and enhance social interactions and a sense of community among residents will have direct health benefits to the community and can improve the life of residents suffering from social isolation. With Melbourne’s projected population growth and outer suburbs as specific growth zones, such health and wellbeing outcomes are significant.


This project is funded by the Stockland Corporation.

Further Information

If you want to know more about this project or have any questions, please contact Dr Annette Kroen via

Key People

Associate Director & Deputies

Annette Kroen

Annette Kroen

Senior Research Fellow

Chris De Gruyter

Chris De Gruyter

Deputy Associate Director, Planning & Transport in Healthy Cities

Cecily Maller

Cecily Maller

Co-Convener of People and Environment Program

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