Research on the governance of selected wicked problems in Melbourne, Bristol and Mannar (Sri Lanka) aim to flesh out a workable understanding of emergent, inclusive and multi-scale governance.

  • Project dates: 2018 (ongoing)

An integrated conception of emergent, inclusive and multi-scale urban governance will be tested in relation to efforts to address selected wicked problems in the case study urban settlements of Melbourne, Bristol (UK) and Mannar (Sri Lanka). Melbourne and Bristol were both selected for participation in the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Program. The focus of the research in Mannar is the highly innovative work of an NGO called Bridging Lanka which is working diligently and patiently to revitalise urban life in a settlement which experienced nearly three decades of destructive and divisive civil war.

Key People

Lead researchers

Associate Professor Martin Mulligan

Associate Professor Martin Mulligan

Associate Professor, School of Global, Urban and Social Studies

Dr Susie Moloney

Dr Susie Moloney

Associate Professor Sustainability and Urban Planning

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