SCARP was collaboration between eight natural resource management (NRM) organisations and several interdisciplinary scientists that supported development of NRM climate change plans.

  • Project dates: 2015

SCARP was a collaboration between eight natural resource management (NRM) organisations and a variety of interdisciplinary scientists to develop processes, products and tools that met each organisation’s prioritised climate change adaptation planning needs.

The first 18 months of the project involved working closely with NRM agencies, to provide information on climate change, its impacts and adaptation options. The iterative action research approach identified four keys areas in need of further development to support these organisations in developing their climate change plans. Development, testing and implementation of these ‘sub projects’ was the foci of the rest of the project:

  1. An Adaptation Pathways approach to NRM planning for climate change
  2. Spatial adaptation priorities for NRM implementation
  3. Climate Change Impacts Synthesis and Assessment
  4. Learning and knowledge brokering for NRM adaptation

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