Past Projects

Lower effort energy demand reduction, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


This UK based interdisciplinary project integrated energy monitoring with design and social anthropological understanding of household energy use.

Past Projects

Assessing resilient urban systems to support long term adaptation to climate change


The Resilient Urban Systems project aimed to assess the capacity of community-level urban energy and water systems to support long term adaptation to climate change.

Past Projects

Adapting aspirations & expectations on the coastal suburban & regional fringe


This Think Tank established a dialogue between local and state government, academic experts and the housing sector.

Past Projects

Exploring the influence of cultural background on first and second generation migrants’ use of energy and water in the home


This project explored how established migrant families in Melbourne and Sydney conceptualise waste, energy and water consumption in the context of their everyday lives.

Past Projects

Towards Carbon Neutral Communities: Making the Transition


This project focused on the role of behaviour change initiatives and other non-technical interventions in transitioning towards carbon neutrality.