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Disability and inequality on the social determinants of health: data, data gaps, and policy implications

Nicola Fortune, Professor Hannah Badland, Shane Clifton, Eric Emerson, Roger Stancliffe, Gwynnyth Llewellyn

International Journal of Epidemiology

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Street space allocation and use in Melbourne’s activity centres – Working paper

Dr Chris De Gruyter, Seyed Mojib Zahraee, Emeritus Professor William Young

Using a case study of Melbourne, this research aims to understand how much street space is allocated to each mode of transport and how this compares to the use of each mode of transport.

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Inequities in Children’s Reading Skills: The Role of Home Reading and Preschool Attendance

Sharon Goldfeld, Margarita Moreno-Betancur, Shuaijun Guo, Fiona Mensah, Elodie O’Connor, Sarah Gray, Shiau Chong, Sue Woolfenden, Katrina Williams, Amanda Kvalsvig, Professor Hannah Badland, Francisco Azpitarte, Meredith O’Connor

Academic Pediatrics

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Social and environmental determinants of the health of people with disabilities

Eric Emerson, Zoe Aitken, Professor Hannah Badland, Nicola Fortune, Celia Green, Jerome N. Rachele

Handbook of aging and disability. Eds Putnam M, Bigby C. Taylor & Francis: London

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