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The hidden biodiversity risks of increasing flexibility in biodiversity offset trades

Sophus O.S.E. zu Ermgassen, Martine Maron, Christine M. Corlet Walker, Dr Ascelin Gordon, Jeremy S. Simmonds, Niels Strange, Morgan Robertson, Joseph W. Bull

Biological Conservation

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Are conservation covenants a secure way to protect nature on private land?

18 August 2017

Recent RMIT research has revealed that conservation covenants in Australia are proving an enduring way to protect nature on private land.


Residential wild-life gardening for collaborative public-private biodiversity conservation

23 May 2017

In cities, matching conservation action is needed on public and private land to conserve biodiversity: protecting patches of native habitat on public land, extending buffers around them, and improving connections between them through corridors and stepping stones in gardens and other land-use areas.


Insects and the city: Conserving the little things that run our city

23 May 2017

All species in this planet are delicately interlinked to each other in a beautifully complex network of ecological interactions. In cities, insects are key components of urban ecological networks and are greatly impacted by human activities.


Getting smarter about city lights is good for us and nature too

21 December 2016

A network of street lighting links these “islands of illumination”. The effects of this can, in some large cities, result in “sky glow” that interferes with star visibility at distances of more than 300 kilometres.