What kind of state values a freeway’s heritage above the heritage of our oldest living culture?

23 August 2019

What kind of world do we live in when freeways are valued as of greater cultural significance than the practice of the oldest living culture in the world?


Willum Warrain Gathering Place: Connecting Country, culture and community

27 May 2019

A new RMIT project celebrates the powerful story of an Indigenous gathering place and how it connects cultures, communities and Country.


Rethinking ‘place’ in more-than-human cities

10 August 2018

Connecting people with place is a popular and appealing pursuit in Australian cities.


Arts spending brings in the bucks for the Creative City

18 August 2017

For the first time, a new study led by RMIT University and the City of Melbourne has quantified the economic and social impact of investment in the arts.


Bohemians, diversity and residential locational choices

13 February 2017

The importance of creativity and diversity as drivers of regional growth is well documented but few studies have examined the interaction between creativity and diversity, particularly in the Australian setting.


Are new housing developments in suburbia catering for diverse aspirations?

Better understanding of diverse and multicultural aspirations towards housing and neighbourhood is vital to foster a cultural recognition that responds to various domestic social needs.