Residential Mobility and Mental Health

Professor Gavin A. Wood, William A.V. Clark, Rachel Ong Vifor, Susan J. Smith, N.T. Khuong Truong

SSM - Population Health

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Mental and general health at the edges of owner occupation

N.T. Khuong Truong, Susan J. Smith, Professor Gavin A. Wood, et al.

International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis

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Associations of time spent gardening with mental wellbeing and life satisfaction in mid-to-late adulthood

Selma Lunde Fjaestad, Jessica L. Mackelprang, Takemi Sugiyama, Manoj Chandrabose, Neville Owen, Professor Gavin Turrell, Jonathan Kingsley

Journal of Environmental Psychology

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Current Projects

People and Place at Minta Farm

2020 (ongoing)

People and Place at Minta is a longitudinal study exploring the long-term impacts of place-making and innovation initiatives at Stockland’s Minta Farm estate on residents’ sense of wellbeing and active connections to place.

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Nature as medicine: can a dose of the outdoors cure loneliness?

29 March 2021

Can a dose of nature a day keep the doctor away? A new RMIT project is exploring the benefits of prescribing nature in Australia, Europe and Latin America to reduce loneliness and improve mental health.

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From hospital to homeless: Victoria’s mental health system fails the most vulnerable

11 July 2019

People experiencing homelessness and poor mental health are among Australia’s most vulnerable citizens. Without secure housing and an accessible mental healthcare system, recovery from mental illness is seriously compromised.

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Walking and cycling to work makes commuters happier and more productive

04 July 2019

In Australia, more than 9 million people commute to work every weekday. The distance they travel and how they get there – car, public transport, cycling or walking – can influence their well-being and performance at work.

Dr Amanda Alderton People

Dr Amanda Alderton

Vice Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow